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Firstly, I stayed at Liberty for three months. Before I came to Liberty, my life was a mess and my situation was hopeless and I had no hope for myself and my life. I was caught up in various drug addictions, sexual addictions and many inappropriate behaviours . I tried to stop with these addictions and negative behaviours on my own but fail miserably everytime. All my relationships was in turmoil and I neglected my relationship with my  4 year old daughter aswell. My appearance looked like garbage, my self esteem was low, I hated myself, felt rejected, ashamed, guilty and I had alot of regrets about my past. I didnt know where to go to, how to solve my problems, who to reach out to for help until I made contact with Morgane(the owner of Liberty).  Morgane then advised me to do primary treatment care at another treatment center in Constantia due to the fact the Liberty Home only does Secondary and Tertiary care(Reintegration and Sober Living).

I then managed to finish my primary care in Constantia. After completing primary care, I made my way to Liberty Home to do secondary care.  Consequently, from the onset, I had the most amazing experience ever as a Liberty resident. For the first time I felt “HOME” and “Accepted” and not judge for the things I’ve done in the past. I had the privilege to share my guilt and shame and got free of those after sharing. I also had the privilege to do life with other addicts who comes from all walks of life and different countries aswell which made my experience unique and memorable.

Liberty Home gave me my life back, especially how the owner and staff treated me like a king and never made me feel like I’m worth nothing. I learnt to take responsibility and be responsible for my life. I learnt to become unselfish and grateful and humble aswell. And lastly, I learnt that there are people out there in the world who wants to help addicts like me, I found that help at Liberty Home. The only question is “how badly do you want help to the point that you’ll humble yourself and reach out for help”