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Coming into my second attempt at recovery and treatment centres. I realised that my behaviour was the biggest problem in my life. Yes, drugs can have a negative impact on my life. But my behaviour is the source of my substance abuse. I needed to first identify my behaviour and then change my behaviour. In ways that served me and the people in my life Liberty provided me with insight into my fundamental self but also provided me with a safe platform to unpack and change my behaviour. What moved me immensely at liberty was coming to the understanding that all staff involved in this institution, really want to make a difference. I have seen institutions tacitly complying with the pain and suffering of addicts because it serves their business model. Founders Vincent and Morgane really do care. They intend to break the cycle of addiction and restore individuals’ sense of self. To equip them with the tools to deal with life on life’s
terms. For this, I am incredibly grateful. I have all the time and all the love for those involved in such a special Home.